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Boost your sales with the most creative display solution!

A creative visual impact in just a few steps. BELLEX offers endless possibilities of configurations thanks to 12 different shapes of frame and the possibility to attach graphics of all sizes on two levels of depth.

Nothing will restrict your imagination. Display your image and message differently and maximize their impact!

To top it all, the BELLEX frame is user-friendly: a very light self-locking frame on which graphics can be changed within seconds.

Lights Available.

NOTE: You can also do a Full size 4x3 panel for the complete frame


Perspective and Creativity

With a number of different shapes, BELLEX gives your message the originality it deserves.

The BELLEX displays feature an ultra light recycled aluminium frame, with powerful magnetic connectors allow the frame to open up automatically.

A button-hole attachment system, and adjustable stabilising feet

Dye sublimation printing guarantees exceptional colour execution, reflection-free images, and impeccable product finishing.


5 great reasons to choose the BELLEX Family fabric pop-up displays:

  1. Your fabric graphics printed using dye-sub are pre-attached to the structure

  2. Create a dynamic 3D image by placing your graphics on two separate planes

  3. Multiple shapes and configurations possible

  4. Individual panels can be easily replaced, allowing you to continually update your message

  5. Its lightweight structure (4kg) can be set up in seconds


Choose the BELLEX Family display that suits you


Travel Solutions

Because your needs differ depending on whether you are traveling by plane, by car or by foot, duo. offers a full range of carry cases specially adapted for your needs.

Our durable, reinforced, waterproof soft or hard carry cases offer the ultimate protection for your products.


Easily Adapted to Different Environments

Many configurations

Showcase your products by adding shelves to the BELLEX frames and create a functional and dynamic modular display.


BELLEX 3x3 with snap counter

Endless configurations are possible, making the xpressions. easily adaptable to fit the constraints of any space.
It is the ideal solution, whatever the event may be.

hello.xpress kit 

It's a case that turns into a counter and contains two xpressions. 3x1 frames.
Optimise the impact of your brand message with its unique, innovative design.
Functional, ergonomic shelving system.
Enhance your visibility on the ground.
Update and develop your message with ease. Changing the graphic is a cinch!



Add visual impact and create stunning 3D effect by placing your graphics on 2 separate sides of the frame.

Did you know that your graphics are machine washable, just like t-shirts?


The BELLEX Family Fabric Options