Cases & Crates


Deluxe transport case with rugged good looks is now available with protected recessed wheels, snap-locks and handles. Both lid and sides have handles for better mobility. This case offers the best protection yet, with partition inside to create separate compartments.

Can be optionally fitted with inset graphics or logos for heightened branding of your company or product as you travel with your displays.

Banner Stands Soft Case

Soft case for retractible banner stands. Includes 1 year Hardware Warranty, unprinted. Ideal for trade shows, point of sale or presentations.


SoftCase is a lightweight nylon bag that has wheels and handles to make display transportation quick and easy. 38" L x 14" W x 10" D

Hard Cases

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.47.50 PM.png

In addition to quality presentation materials and displays, we also understand the importance of protecting and transporting your valuable investments. We provide a wide range of cases, from square to oval to semi-oval, as well as case-to-podium conversion kits. We also have nylon carrying cases and photo mural cases specifically for your artwork and banners.

MX-CWD Oval Rotomoulded Case with Door


The MX-CWD Oval case will hold an 8' to 10' pop-up display.  It includes castors, latches and foam protected storage in a lightweight design for optimal transportation.  For your convenience this case will convert to a usable counter with a back door that opens to a shelf for storage.  A custom wrap-around-skirt is available.

Dimensions are: 25 7/8"W x 39"H x 15 7/8"D

For more information about the case size and wrap-around-skirt  size, click on the dimensions button below.

OCP Cases and Conversion Kits

Click photo for details

OCB Banner Stand Case

This adjustable, hard molded case is the perfect protective shipping and/or storage case for a wide variety of banner stands. With an adjustable lid, the OCB case can hold banner stands up to 1000mm / 39” in length.

  • Variable height, heavy-duty, adjustable banner stand shipping case

  • Fits up to three swivel-foot banner stands

  • Fits one premium banner stand

  • Carry strap included

  • Interior:

    • min: 4”w x 12”h x 28.375”d / 101.6mm(w) x 304.8mm(h) x 720.7mm(d)

    • max: 4”w x 12”h x 44.25”d / 101.6mm(w) x 304.8mm(h) x 1124mm(d)

  • Exterior:

    • min: 7”w x 17”h x 31”d / 178mm(w) x 431.8mm(h) x 787.4mm(d)

    • max: 7”w x 17”h x 47”d / 178mm(w) x 431.8mm(h) x 1168.4mm(d)

  • Shipping (in box):

    • min: 7”w x 18”h x 32”d / 177.8mm(w) x 457.2mm(h) x 812.8mm(d)

    • max: 7”w x 18”h x 48”d / 457.2mm(w) x 1219.2mm(h) x 177.8mm(d)

  • Shipping (no box):

    • min: 7”w x 17”h x 31”d / 178mm(w) x 431.8mm(h) x 787.4mm(d)

    • max: 7”w x 17”h x 47”d / 178mm(w) x 431.8mm(h) x 1193.8mm(d)

  • Shipping weight (empty): 9 lbs. / 4 kg out of box /12 lbs. / 5 kg in box

OCH2 Large Display Case


This heavy-duty shipping and storage case is ideal for modular exhibit systems such as Hybrid Pro Modular, Vector Frame Geometric and Linear Extrusion displays. Secure reinforced straps help to assure case will remain closed during transportation. Built-in wheels and strap for maximum portability. 


  • Interior:

    • 47.25”H x 24.13”W x 12.25”D

    • 1200mm(H) x 630mm(W) x 311mm(D)

  • Exterior:

    • 52”H x 29”W x 15”D

    • 1321mm(H) x 737mm(W) x 381mm(D)

  • Weight: 30 lbs / 13.61 kgs

  • Shipping Dimensions (can ship FedEx or UPS):

    • 52”L x 29”H x 15”D

    • 1321mm(H) x 737mm(W) x 381mm(D)

  • Shipping Weight: 30 lbs / 13.61 kgs

OCM Screen Case

This black LLDPE Polyethelene transit case is the perfect, premium protective shipping case for a variety of large screens up to 47”. The OCM includes 3” casters with rubber wheels to ease movability during transit

  • Built in dry erase board to label contents and location

  • Fits 37” - 47” screens

  • Made from 100% recyclable materials

  • Includes 3 casters with rubber wheels

  • Interior: 5”w x 45.5”h x 30”d, 127mm(w) x 1155.7mm(h) x 762mm(d)

  • Exterior: 16”w x 54”h x 35”d, 406.4mm(w) x 1371.6mm(h) x 889mm(d)

  • Weight: 55 lbs. / 25 kg

  • Shipping (must be shipped freight): 18”w x 56”h x 37”d, 457.2mm(w) x 1422.4mm(h) x 939.8mm(d)

  • Approximate shipping weight: 97 lbs. / 44 kg

OCX Pop Up Display Shipping Case


The OCX is a roto-molded protective shipping case. With built in wheels, a sturdy handle and secure locks, the OCX ensures your Popup travels safely and securely to any event. A roll wrap and stretch wrap is available to help you easily convert the case to a counter.

Heavy Duty ATA Custom Crate

  • The Premier A.T.A rated case line

  • Heavy duty Aluminum double edge extrusions

  • Positive locking tongue and groove valence

  • 1/4" or 1/2" Laminates maximize protection

  • Recessed Nickel and Zinc plated steel hardware

  • Variety of Heavy Duty casters up to 600lb capacity

Hard Plastic Banner Stand Case

Protective banner stand case made of hard plastic, with shoulder strap for easier portability.

Telescopic Hard Case for Flags

Expands to 7.8'.

Green Hard Case on Wheels

This green hard case will fit most pop up fabric displays and the Contour and Milan displays - also add a Graphic fabric pillow wrap to turn it into a counter for your Tradeshow. For your convenience it features a handle and wheels for easier transportation.

Size: 15”w. X 17”d. X 41”h.