Don't let pre-made display configurations stifle your dreams and ideas. Anything you can imagine, we can create - completely unique, customized exhibits and presentation displays of all scales.

A-Line System

The basic idea of the A-Line System is logical simplicity. This modular aluminum system consists of parts which are easily connected with an Allen Key as the only tool, making it just as easy to take-apart or rebuild as it is to assemble. This makes it possible to ship your display completely knocked down, making transportation economical.

A wide range of aluminum components and accessories gives you a maximum of possibilities. You can create your own display or choose from our wide-range of designs. Combinable and modular with endless options and uses, the A-Line System provides a flexible solution to satisfy all of your display requirements. Get creative!


Why not enhance your next custom exhibit constructed from aluminum uprights and cross-rails assembled by one simple turn on the supplied allan key, which allows you many optional changes to an existing or new exhibit.

The hard core panels can be 10mm Masonite as shown, Sintra borad, Plexi or Slatwall panels. The back-wall and header graphics are all printed on our new fabric which makes traveling and set-up very easy and cost effective.


This 20’ x 20’ exhibit is constructed from wooden frames and plywood mounted with P-LAM finishing and fitted to meet your custom plans. It includes towers, counters and back-lit light boxes as well as vinyl graphic applications to the P-lam along with optional glass or plexi signs to enhance your creative designs and show image.

Woodstock Hydro

This special project is constructed from a wooden frame with plywood and mounted with a Black P-LAM finish that accepted a full vinyl graphic wrap to enhance the tower. The unit is designed with 2 special bracket mounts to hold the computer monitors and a side hinged door / lock. The back plywood panel has cut-outs to allow air flow for the computer towers inside the unit.

Brock University

This 45’ x 45’ exhibit is made from aluminum frames with P-LAM finish and graphic overlays to meet your custom graphic applications including back-lit light boxes.

The office / storage room and over-head frames are constructed with octnorm aluminum poles and cross-rails with over-head signs from 3-D PVC letters mounted to Black fibrex board.

The exhibit includes three 10’ Buddy pop up displays with full graphic murals and all 8 counters are EDGE panels with an aluminum pole to hold a plasma screen and a graphic header sign mounted to Sintra board.

Focus Ceramics

This 10' x 20' custom design was made from a wooden frame and plywood.  It combines open shelving and display windows with puck style lighting for a clean and professional look. 

Graphic header signs are mounted to Sintra board. There are three front and one side locations for graphics.

10x20 D3 Book-1.jpg
10x20 D3 Book-3.jpg