Virage is a curved pop-up display solution with a dye-sublimation fabric graphic which gives it exceptional colour execution. The graphic stays attached to the frame, thus making set-up and dismantling quick, easy and intuitive.
Lightweight and compact, you can take virage anywhere with you!



  • Comes in 2 standard sizes

  • virage.8’ - 76”W x 12”D x 89”H

  • virage.10’ - 94”W x 12”D x 89”H

  • Aluminum frame and plastic injection with a combination of mechanical, magnetic connectors and self-gripping pads

  • Delivered in a soft transport bag 
    Compatible with wheeled transport bag TRT015 or case-counter TRT002

  • Setup takes less than 1 minute!

  • weight of frame, fabric and case is 25.35lbs - 33.07lbs depending on size

  • uses a combination of clipping fasteners and magnetic connectors

Convenient, quick and easy!

Instant Setup

The curved frame can be set up in less than 1 minute thanks to a combination of snap closures and magnetic connectors. The fabric graphic stays attached to the frame even when folded up.

Curved design and a high-definition graphic

The fabric graphic is perfectly fitted to the curved frame and is held taut by opaque self-fastening strips and pads.
It offers a top-of-the-line rendering in vibrant colors thanks to dye-sub printing. Add a fabric skirt and a wood countertop to your transport case to create a concealed counter.


Take it anywhere

It is a lightweight (less than 19 lbs for virage.3×3, frame + graphic) and easily transportable solution, and comes with the option to add a wheeled transport case that doubles as a counter!


Adapt your message

The graphics are interchangeable: use the velcro strips to attach a new graphic.