BENX Fab-Wall

Pop up your full graphic fabric display in seconds - NO channel bars needed! BENX Fab-Wall goes from folded to fabulous in 10 seconds flat.

Strong aluminum hooks hold the structure into place. All you have to do is pull it up and watch your message burst open. Velcro-on strips attach the wrinkle-resistant graphic panel to the frame so you never need to remove the graphic unless you are changing the image.


  • Premium print quality guarantees vibrant visuals every time.

  • Super-lightweight, super-portable billboard-in-a-bag knocks down into a nylon duffel for easy transport.

  • The Fab-Wall structure builds on a "Square" system (each square is 29 1/2"). Select the size best suited for your needs: 5 ft (2x3), 8 ft (3x3), 10 ft (4x3), 10 ft (4x4).

  • Lights Available (see Set-up Guide below)

  • Optional Hard Case on wheels.

  • BenX frames are only available with hook connectors.