Blizzard 1/4/13

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BLZD The Blizzard banner stand is a sturdy and durable outdoor sign. It is adjustable in both width and height to allow multiple graphic sizes, and has a large base that can be weighted with either water or sand. dimensions:

Additional information: features and benefits:

Hardware Graphic Shipping Shipping dimensions: ships in one box 18.5”l x 10.5”w x 33.5”h 470mm(l) x 268mm(w) x 851mm(h) Shipping weight: 13 lbs / 5.9 kg Assembled unit: Max width: 40”w / 1016mm(w) Max height: 80”h / 2032mm(h) Base: 18”w x 9”h x 21”d 457.2mm(w) x 229mm(h) 533.4mm(d) Weight: 10.45 lbs / 4.74 kg Total visual area: Max width x min height: 40”w x 49.5”h 1016mm(w) x 1257.3mm(h) Min width x max height: 23.5”w x 80”h 597mm(w) x 2032mm(h) Max width x max height: 40”w x 74.5”h 1016mm(w) x 1892.3mm(h) Min width x min height: 23.5”w x 49.5”h 597mm(w) x 1257.3mm(h) 

- Sturdy hardware constructed for outdoor construction use - Base can be filled with water or sand - Adjustable width and height - Quick and easy to assemble - One year hardware warranty against manufactuer defects Graphic material: 13 oz. scrim, 7 oz. mesh Base holds 4.25 gallons / 19.2 litres of water

*For applications below 40 degrees fahrenheit, please use sand in place of water. #3 grommets in corners