Graphic Guidelines

Graphic Guidelines

Graphic guidelines below to create HIGH RES files:


Software & File Formats:


Please supply layouts in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, EPS, TIFF or PDF.  We support the latest Adobe CC and earlier versions. Artwork Size Please supply artwork at 100% of the final output. 

If the file size has been scaled down, make sure it is noted in an email and in the file name. 

Bleed Please add 1” bleed all around your layouts for fitting and finishing. Bleeds are necessary. 




Please supply all linked images when supplying Adobe InDesign or Illustrator files. 

Photoshop files and linked images should be set up at 100dpi at final output size, if the layout has been scaled down, scale down images proportionately. 

Restricting the file size to 100dpi will allow for a very dynamic output and will minimize the file processing time, including download and upload of graphics as well as design, pre-press, and printing. 

Fonts Please supply all fonts or convert to vector outlines. Logos & Illustrations Supply all logos and illustrated graphics in a VECTOR format whenever possible. 


Matching Pantone Colours:


Please specify all Pantone PMS references. The following Pantone Books we have on-site: Pantone+ Solid (Coated & Uncoated), Pantone+ CMYK (Coated & Uncoated), and Pantone+ Color Bridge. 

If the Pantone reference is from a different book, please provide a swatch sample for matching. Proofs Provide an accurate fully updated hard copy or PDF proof with each layout. 

All proofs submitted are for positioning only with exception of colour calibrated outputs approved by client for colur matching. In critical situations, i.e. matching a corporate colour, we prefer to be supplied with a match proof to ensure the best possible result. 


Print Ready PDF Requirements: 

1. Bleed requirements are followed               

2. Images over 100dpi are down-sampled to 100dpi

3. Fonts are converted to outlines 

4. All Printer’s Marks are turned off