Wedge Sign Holders

The Wedge is a cleverly designed, cost effective sign support that is simple to use.

  • 1 Wedge supports a graphic up to 24” x 48”

  • 2 Wedges support a graphic up to 48” x 96”

  • Holds a sign mounted to 3mm Sintra or 3mm Gator board or 3mm Foamcore.



Mount your graphic and posters tastefully on the wall with Wall-Plak, a simple yet elegant touch for your presentation wall.

  • Various sizes from 8 ½”w. x 11”h. - 24”w. x 36”h.

  • Face-mount or Flout-mount options available.

  • Matte or Gloss finish.

  • Standard painted Black edges

  • Painted edges available in various colours.

  • Custom sizes to be confirmed with our supplier.



Hook-and-loop strips with adhesive backing, comes in 25 metre rolls, great for mounting displays to walls or front-runner fabric displays. Also comes in "coins" — pre-cut circles.


Magnetic Strips

Comes in 25 yard rolls, adhesive backing with A and B magnet type. Comes in 0.5" and 1" widths.


Posters & Signs

Printed on poly or bonded paper and laminated with a matte-lam or optional gloss laminate.

Prints can be mounted to Lexan, Sintra hardboard (3 or 10mm), Plexi for optional back-lighting and on Coroplast (3 or 10mm), which is great for in-door or out-door usage, or on 5/8” Crezone board painted on the back for protection against weather elements.


Velcro-On Graphics

Printed on poly film, laminated with a matte floor-guard or optional gloss laminate, mounted to flexible & durable Lexan with Velcro on the back, for easy mounting to your pop-up or folding display panels.


Optional: Printed on bonded paper, laminated front & back with a gloss or optional matte laminate and end-capped to protect the edges. This keeps the graphic protected and gives it longer life. This is the one we recommend for the duo-sprint ( comet ) banner stands.


Golf Signs

Let us enhance the image of your next GOLF tournament with GREAT image signs to make your supporters stand out at each hole.

Signs can be mounted to Wire Pegs or Wooden Stakes. Standard sizes include:

  • 24"w. x 18"h

  • 24"h. x 30"h

  • 24"w. x 36"h.


Hanging Banners

We can produce large format hanging Vinyl banners with grommets or pockets to hang from auditorium or exhibit hall ceilings, or on the outside of a building.