Jacob EZ Truss

Jacob EZ Truss

Unlimited configurations for custom designed show booths. 


Folding aluminum TRUSS system to enhance your pop up displays. Easy Truss is the custom modular display system that can make you STAND OUT! 


Hang vinyl/fabric banners from the sturdy truss frame, or just put in product shelves. 


NO TOOLS required for installation. Comes in 44cm, 66cm and 88cm lengths with a bolt and nut attached at each end for easily assembly. 


Product Features:


- The only foldable truss in the market, making it lightweight , portable and easy to store. 

- Truss comes in modular parts; custom design and build your own unique booth and exhibit with unlimited creative potential.

- Sleek, modern adn elegant in appearance; a display system that can easily elevate your brand. 

- Easy to install and setup your custom booth or exhibit in little time. 

- Made in Taiwan; built for quality and durability. 

- Designs available for 10 foot or 20 foot booth spaces. 



Popular configurations are:

10 x 10 Wall

10 x 10 Throne

10 x 10 Wave

20 x 10 Box 


    Pricing on this product varies depending on the amount of product required.