Roll It Up 1

Roll It Up 1

Roll It Up 1

The structured aluminum base of this classic display acts as a protective housing for your graphic panel so your image stays in perfect condition. The swivel kickstand adds stability but not bulk.

All seven feet roll into the base for a flat package that fits neatly into a slim padded nylon carrying case. Robust construction coupled with portability helped this tool become the workhorse of retractable displays.

Clear anodized aluminum 

Fabric, laminated or non-laminated substrate 

Structural Dimensions:
33 1/2" W x 79" H or
33 1/2" W x 86" H or
39 3/8" W x 79" H or
39 3/8" x W 86" H 

Package weight:
11 or 13 lbs. (depending on width) 

Set-up time:
Less than 1 minute 

Optional add-ons:
Protective case, halogen spotlight 

Padded carrying bag, or
Hard case