TV Touchscreens

TV Touchscreens

TV Touchscreens

The very latest generation of our extremely popular LCD multi-media displays has many new and exciting features designed to engage and attract your customer’s attention.

The Vision Touchscreen offers your customers the opportunity of interaction with your brands and products through it’s customizable touch panel screens.

The Vision Touchscreen is a completely self-contained multi-media display, which can be paired with a display stand that incorporates a graphic wrap. This can be custom printed to provide additional branding opportunities.


The Vision Touchscreen is lightweight, portable and very stable making it ideal for use within retail, hotel & corporate lobbies, events, seminars as well as trade show environments. In fact anywhere that you want to communicate with your customers.

Depending on location the display can also be used as a counter or tabletop display with its detachable support mount or wall-mounted using a standard monitor bracket. Alternatively our clamp mount enables it to be combined with our D5 Milan fabric wall structures.


  • 22” and 32” LCD Digital panel with 16:9 ratio

  • 480p, 480i & 720p screen resolution

  • Screen rotation for horizontal and vertical modes

  • Touchscreen and standard play

  • Programmable timing function for unmanned operation

  • Selection and creation of play lists

  • Supports several file formats: Photographic Images - JPEG, Movies - Divx, AVI, and MPEG2, Audio - MP3

22” and 32” TV Touch Screen, Fabric Graphic wrap extra and Programing 4 hour per unit @ 95.00 per hour - extra



Touch Screen Display

Please note: We can customized this display as per each screen and features required.


Touch Screen display :

1.- In this case, the screen is the computer, so there is no need to hide a computer tower.

2.- The screen is mounted with a Wall mounting bracket (Vesa Mount) takes any TV Screen

3.- There is just one cable running (the Power supply cable) running inside behind the panels. 


We make notches in the back panel (Top & Bottom) to make it possible to run cables or extension cord