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How to choose the Right Display for a Tradeshow


Choosing the best display to showcase your business at a tradeshow is no easy feat. 

The choices are seemingly endless, from pop-up displays to custom tablecloths; each type of display offers something unique.  If you're going to attend a trade show, you're going to want to figure out which displays will work best or the product or service you are offering. 


Pop-up displays are an almost universal choice for tradeshow veterans and rookies alike. They are one of the most popular trade show booth styles out there.  Why?  They're easy to transport, lightweight, and don't take long to set up.

They have a large area where you can display your custom graphics, and often come equipped with brochure stands, and can even accommodate shelving. 

There are different types of pop-up displays - standard, fabric and convertible - all of which are a cost effective way to market to your target audience. 


Banner stands are another way of displaying or hanging your company banners. 

They are lightweight, portable, easy to use and easy to transport. Banner stands are ideal for trade shows or presentations, as they are visually appealing and encouraging potential clients to look your way. 


Accessories such as custom table cloths, tabletops, monitor stands, foam tiles, and even light boxes can truly transform your brand. You will get noticed if you take the initiative to use a variety of displays and accessories to showcase what you have to offer. 

The best recipe for success at a trade show is to use a combination of displays, including pop-up, banner stands, and accessories.  Using a multitude of display types is guaranteed to get your brand recognized. 

To learn more about choosing the right trade show display, or to request a quote on your next project, contact one of the pros at DENMAR Displays & Exhibits Corp., located in Guelph, Ontario. 

They welcome you to visit them directly in the showroom, to get a feel for the types of products they have to offer.  Additionally, you can send them an email or call them directly at 519.821.8508! 

In-House Banner Printing


At DENMAR, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the HIGHEST quality of pop up banners! We also strive to ensure that your banners can be prepared quickly, efficiently and on the highest quality no curl banner material! 

We look forward to giving you the quality product and service that is given to all of our customers!  



A trade show display is very much a visible statement about any company and the products that it is offering the customers!  You want to grab the attention of everyone that is walking through the doors of a trade show in order to optimize the dollars you have spent on both attending the trade show, and the booth design! 

Your company will 100 percent benefit from having an attractive design that will bring customers to you and ultimately generate leads! 

So, what should you most consider when choosing a trade show set up? 

First and foremost,


Your display should tell a story, it should completely describe to all of the people attending the trade show, the following...  What It is that you do (what you are offering), who exactly you are (through clear logo displays, and tag lines), and why the potential customers entering the trade show need to come and see you first! 

We specialize in getting the attention required for our customers! We managed to get you to read this much! We can help you pull in your target audience also!  

If you are seeking good advice, quality products that will last through many trade show's, and can cross as front entrance or show room displays for your company... you need to talk to us, and we look forward to helping you get excited about your business again! 


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